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Shri Vaishnav Institute of Forensic Science aims to provide education of International Standards in the area of Forensic Science. The learning process would lead to the inventions and then to discover. In addition to developing excellent skills in the subject, institute aims to provide a Centre for academic excellence and modern-day practical training in the area of forensic and its subsidiary sciences to foster human development through quality education and research.

The students are motivated not only to dream big but also are encouraged to think unconventionally in order to face challenges of society and to stand bold against it in future.

It is also mission of the institute to provide world class forensic science curriculum suiting the students, crime detection agencies, corporate offices and banks, etc. to counter techno-crimes and create a safe society to live in.

The academic programs are so designed as to implement and to provide solid foundation skills to understand the subject and to build a good professional carrier under the umbrella of SVIFS to play crucial role in the forensic investigation.         


 Dr. Ashutosh Shukla

 Coordinator- SVIFS, SVVV Indore

  Email id-:,

Director Profile -:

·         Personal Information & Qualification & Experience

            Name-: Dr. Kavita Sharma

            Email id-:,

            Qualification-: MSc, PhD.


·         Research & Awards

Undergraduate Project-: 30 

Postgraduate Project-: 12 

PhD Students -: 05 (Perusing)

§  Publication: International/National-: 40 

§  Conference: * National: - 68  * International-: 28 

§  Workshop/Training & STTP Attended-: 52

§  Webinar/Quiz Attended-: 23

§  Conference/Workshop Organized-: 46

Book Published as Editor-: 03