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Shri Vaishnav Institute of Social Science, Humanities and Arts

From the ancient times to the present day, people around the globe have raised fundamental questions about life through the arts, literature and philosophy. The art helps students open their imaginations to fresh perspectives on the world. The Institute of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts at SVVV offers countless opportunities to explore the reach of human reason, creativity, and imagination.

Culture and literature facilitate students to expand their horizons and prepare them for an increasingly multicultural world. Both faculty and students explore the while going through wide range of subjects.

With the vibrant cultural milieu, the institute of Arts and Humanities disseminates knowledge through experiences, thoughts, expressions, and creativity to advance human welfare in all its dimensions. Through a defining commitment to vigorous intellectual debate in a diverse community and to the value of interdisciplinary approaches to major issues and ideas, the institute educates students to become global citizens who can think creatively about the future challenges.

The students at SVISSHA, in close collaboration with faculty, develop specialized knowledge in their chosen disciplines, rigorous critical thinking, and get in the habits of life-long learning and sensitivity to ethical and aesthetic issues. Their ability to understand and interpret the cultures of the world, make them pursue choose careers with distinction and become independent-minded, responsible citizens.